Upright Memorials - Contemporary

  • Alberson

    Jet black granite with sculptured angel.  There has been a rising popularity in angel style memorials.  The Alberson memorial is a fine example of Wearly Monuments' treatment of this style.  Simple, clean and reflective, the sculptured angel watches over this grave site.

  • Auberry

    Jet Black granite cut as tear drop with portrait etching.

  • Bennett

    Imperial Gray granite double hearts with sculptured angel and roses.

  • Boyce

    Dakota Mahogany granite “havens” shape. This is a nice option for a double memorial that fits on a single space.

  • Brown

    All polished Jet Black screen style memorial with hand etching.

  • Collins

    Jet Black granite with irregular rock pitched area surrounding hand etched dear. The combination of textural surfaces on the Collins memorial is a very interesting feature.

  • Coomer

    Jet Black granite cut as a saw blade and India Gray granite sculpted as a log. The Coomer memorial is a great example of what happens when staff listens to client. The Coomer family owned a sawmill. The sales staff knew this was important to the family and presented this idea. It was a perfect fit.

  • Couch

    All polished Jet Black granite with hand etched globe suspended in center. This is a highly personalized memorial representing the deceased’s heart for mission work. The globe has red stars indicating her travels prior to her untimely death.

  • Dilley

    All polished Jet Black granite contemporary shape with hand etching.  It is difficult to photograph Jet Black granite due to its highly reflective surface.  The Dilley memorial is a beautiful example of Wearly Monuments' hand etching.  If you were standing in front of this stone, you could almost hear the whistle blowing.

  • Duncan

    All polished Jet Black granite with facets and laser etched flag. While we generally prefer hand etching over laser etching, we do have a facility to do laser etched work. The US flag is one example of laser etching at its best.


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